World’s quickest display

Banner exchange in just 5 seconds








Assembly without tools

The display is assembled in just a few steps. Thanks to the smart screw and plug connections, there is no need of tools. As the structure is standing, the banner can be placed and changed in just a few seconds.


banner exchange in only 5 secs

Hang up

Whether for shops, shop windows or supermarkets: with the ceiling display, the banner exchange is a child’s play. The magnetic frame profiles are easily detached from the ceiling and the print is quickly fixed thanks to the metal bars. Advertising has never been so quick and convenient!

Stand up

This advertising floor display is a convenient and efficient way to communicate your message to your customers. Thanks to the patented fastening system, you can have the two-sided promote your messages. One display, two advertising surfaces, success guaranteed!

Retail / Fashion

Shops and windows can be transformed in just a few steps and adapted to the campaign or the actual collection. Change them whenever you want, not only 4 times a year!

Every kind of material

Thanks to the smart magnetic system, you can print your message on every material you want, according to your budget and the occasion. No matter if it is paper or transparent foil paper, myMAGO will make your message shine on every material.


Paper, cardboar, canvas, PVC, silk, mesh, transparent film, polypropylene, tissue.